VMware vSphere Hardening Guides

  • Quick security related resource pointer on a Saturday morning. Over the years I’ve been collecting the various vSphere hardening guide documents as they are released. These guides can be used to lock down your own (or your customer’s) environment to prevent or isolate security related breaches and to satisfy internal or external IT audits. Thanks to Mike Foley, I noticed the VMware vSphere Tutorial Hardening Guide 5.5 Update 1 was released yesterday. You’ll find adds/moves/changes in the following categories:

    If you haven’t yet, grab the guide, take a look at it, and upgrade to vSphere 5.5 Update 1, hopefully in that order.

    In the past I recall these guides were spread out on somewhat sparsely on VMware’s site. What I hadn’t noticed until this morning is that VMware has now compiled all available vSphere hardening guide links onto a single landing page in addition to providing change tracking between each of the vSphere 5.x guides which I think is quite helpful.

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