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Cloud security

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Cloud security

What do we mean by „cloud security“? - Security for the cloud? - Security from the cloud? - Security in the cloud? - Security across clouds?

Despite widespread awareness of the impact of cybercrime, cyber attacks continue to occur frequently and result in serious financial consequences for businesses and government institutions. Many traditional security concerns are recast as a “cloud problem”. . .
• Many ‚cloud security incidents‚ are issues with web apps and data-hosting, but at greater scale…
- e.g. Phishing, downtime, data loss, weak passwords, compromised hosts running botnets, etc …
• Unexpected side channels and covert channels arising from shared-resource environments in public services
- Activity patterns need to be protected in addition to apps and data
• Reputation fate sharing: possible blacklisting or service disruption due to ‚bad neighbors‛
- Need ‚mutual auditability‛ (providers need to audit/monitor users)
• Longer trust chains: {SaaS to PaaS to IaaS}

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