Product Brief

Best-of-Breed Cloud Infrastructure

The IT industry is clearly moving toward simplifying infrastructure with a long term goal of reducing ongoing operational costs and increasing agility.



This trend is manifesting itself in many ways, but perhaps the most visible is the adoption of cloud infrastructure. Some industries, like media and entertainment, are jumping in to leverage public cloud services. Others, such as regulated industries like financial services, are building private cloud infrastructures and respinning IT to operate within an “IT services delivery” model based on a services-oriented infrastructure. Still others are looking for the best of both worlds, deploying hybrid cloud solutions that enable a services-oriented infrastructure in which data can be stored in a suitable location based on attributes with sensitive data on a private cloud and data not subject to regulation or sensitive treatment stored on a pubic cloud.

No matter which approach is taken, the underlying infrastructure needs to be robust enough to maintain high availability since a small failure could affect a great many applications and users; integrated and easy-to-use to reduce the management burden and speed provisioning time; and highly efficient to reduce ever more expensive floor space, power, and cooling requirements at the scale required in a shared cloud model.

To that end, vendors are responding with tightly integrated systems that can be quickly deployed to support cloud initiatives in easily consumable chunks of compute and storage.

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